Smooch Me warm start.

By now, most of my contacts knew that I've started a new shopping website for Mums, kids and babies. Smooch Me, selling quality handmade goods collected for all over the world. All these goods are made by stay at home mums either in their work rooms or basements, strictly no factory productions. Yanni, my best fren and myself are now also taking up sewing courses so that we can produce our own goods soon too!

I've decided to launch Smooch Me on the 1st December 2008. However I have started to invite family , friends and contacts to visit, browse and get familiarize with my site since 2 weeks ago. I thank all my online buddies for the warm welcome and start.

I've already started to receive reservations and a lot of enquiries on the site. Thanks again. I will try my best to update new items once every 2 months. Everything is so good so far, Alhamdullilah. And the support from hubby is unconditional too.

A week ago, I've received an email from 88db Service Portal ( Singapore is an online service portal. A guide to Singapore services where you can find car services, business opportunities, business services, food and entertainment, pet services and wedding services. A site where you can buy and sell products, find Singapore clubs, Singapore events, leisure activities, performing arts and schools in Singapore as well as promotions in Singapore. ) that they are giving me a slot of a free posting for my Smooch Me business ad. I swear i did not sign up for anything there. I contacted the person, and I agree for the posting. It's free anyway. I just thought that I was lucky.

But yesterday, another miracle happened. I received an email by ST701, a Singapore Press Holdings e-marketplace saying that they visited my site and they want me to take part in a 2 day event call " GaKids Kiddi Booti Sale "!! It's a family carnival held at GardenAsia. I was like "WOW!".. They are expecting a 2000 crowd for both days and the event will be advertise widely in the Straits Times.

I seriously didn't expect all these to happen but I really thank Allah for giving me all these task to do so I have something to fall on since I'm quitting Starhub soon.

People would ask why would i quit my full-time job which I could earn so well on. Well hubby is working there too, It's so hard to do our things together, and leave are just a pain in the ass to ask for. So once my bonuses are out, I'm out too and for now i just want to stabilize my webbies.

I reallly hope and wish for support from all of you. Thanks you and don't forget to visit - Smooch Me - Quality Handmade Smooches


What is it like to be neutral person?

To me, that definition of somebody being "neutral" is just plainly hypocritical. This "neutral" person is that type of person who sits back , relax and enjoys the soap opera. The type who just listens wait for the next exciting episode and keep mum. The person who knows both sides of the story and thinks that he or she is doing the right thing by being neutral.

Do we consider that a selfish act?

To me again, it is wrong to take sides too but sometimes we are concern on the affected person well-being. We sometimes "hint" on what's happening so that they should take the matters to rest and move on to that better step ahead. The right thing was to advise what was best. It's kinda no obligation advise. Take it or leave it - Right?

Back to me:

I grew up in many environments which was never my own. I believe that I should not bother of my surroundings and always pretend that nothing happened? All I had to care was me. I lived that way all my life. Family feuds happens everywhere I've been but since my last 26 yrs of living , I learn, what to share and what NOT to share.

I shall say that I never came with a magnificent 5-star family community. I had to trade places and people never fails to make me feel that I was borrowing their life too. I became solely independent at 17.

For almost 10 years now, I did not say anything about anyone. All I remembered talking about was how my life went and also talked about people who never stops poking me from everywhere. I prefer to make people think that I was in the dark and wants to remain unseen. I've always like to feel mysterious. hah. But at the same time, I tried my best to meet people's expectations. I never interfered, talked bad or even be rude to any elderly on any of their conversations. I would rather speak to kids.

I'm happily married now. I got a life which I called my own .And I've got the world greatest husband too. At first, people warned me that my husband is not what he seems. I doubted him at first but I also kept to my own beliefs. 4 years later, which is few months ago, we got happily married. He was never what people said he was and most importantly he adores me greatly. I chose my own path despite what people said.

I'm not the neutral person type. But I only speak if I think I need too. I only act when I have to.

Before you tell me what to do, you might want to stop your selfish act first. People make their own decisions, talked or blog what they like. Let them be and let people like us be.


Everything is gonna be alright..

Few days I thought my world was going down..

Is this what all brides faces weeks before the wedding or is it just me?

Some people just start to put pranks on me. Accused and bad-named!

You see, getting married was not an easy thing for me. My dad passed away when I was 16, I have a brother whose travelling most of the time ( and it takes months for him to come back ) and another brother who is always either missing in action or serving sentence to the police force. The only person I'm close with was my dearie sister. My mum stay is JB.

Having said the above, I need relatives assistance for my wedding.. For months... nobody came to me offering anything at all!!! Oh.. only Kak dada, my cuzzie, offered me that lovely brownies to give to my guests.

And I'm not referring to monetary offerings, all I wanted was a little of their energy to participate helping me run errands. I have clearly mentioned to my family that i would settle monetary issues myself as I was working long enough to have a big fat savings in my bank account.

2 months before the wedding I told my cuzzies that their outfits would be on me. I personally chose and paid for the outfits and the ones I chose are definitely not cheap. Even my aunt got it also.. They were so excited , but after the outfits were handed over .....they got quiet again...

Well for you all to ponder ah ....

And then, 2 weeks before the wedding, my wali which was my uncle decided not to be the wali if I were to hold my 'nikah' ceremony at the event hall in Cafe Le Caire. He will do be the wali if it's held at home or romm . Which hadith says this??? Must be the gossipers.

Baby's parents & aunt & uncles had to go thru major arguments on that special place we chose to have our wedding. Poor baji-in-law & mami-in-law.. Their main issue was " I(me) did not discuss to them anything about the wedding!!!! "

These people don't even listen at the first place!

Surprisingly... People who contributed the least, says the most lah.. hahaha

I've told myself that I would not get affected by all these , I could still smile and calm myself.

Nevermind, Allah is maha memahami dan mengetahui.. My MIA brother came along today , save my life and comforted his youngest sister!!!

I feel much relieved now and I thank Baby & family whose has been supporting me non-stop. Advising and comforting.

Lastly, let me thank all which helped me alot for my upcoming . My beloved sister & Yan, for the BMW car sponsor. Kak Dada, for the brownies. Stefanie, for that bellydance (wedding gift) performance on that day. Yannie, for that Cupcake Tier & being the best bridesmaid. Telvin, for the sheesha lines. Cik Mis, for being the co-ordinator for my wedding(you're the best). Erman, for the wedding magazines. Francis & crew for being the fully sponsored cameramen. Boss & Mdm, for being the parents of my wedding, beautiful arabic outfits & endless food spread.

Oh mi god!! I don't much relatives names up there!!!only 2.. pathetic kan..

Sigh....... There was so much in my chest finally let out..

Dear friends , please do pray for me that everything is gonna be all right..


The HECTIC Period

It's 18 days to the wedding and this is what I call THE HECTIC PERIOD !!!

I have last minute changes on cakes and favors ( on which I still have not got any confirmation yet! ), tailor collections ( my nikah & dinner outfit not ready/collected) , our wedding room is only half done, bed not delivered yet and apart from that I still have to work on SUNDAY .. like from 6.45 - 11pm just because the shortage of manpower. I hate this feelings. Give me more butterflies in my stomach!

Well during the rush, i still do enjoy the teamwork we both have..Lovee, we make a great team!

Oh yah.. I still have not finalise details with my bridesmaid as she's busy flying & I'm busy working.. ( Yannie - Thank god we secured the lunch reservation at Carousel this coming Tuesday.. No interference summore - u know what I mean.. ) I really hope every details can be settled the same day..

At the same time, I'm also busy setting up my jalabia stock for sale.. Jalabia from Syria, dubai & Kuwait.. Cant wait to start that up too! I really appreciate good support from my multipliers. I will inform all when it's launch. Now you see how busy I am right..

Well for now..Let me show you lovely peeps some pics of the preparations yah..

She's my dearest beloved Yannie.. Know each other for almost 7 years now from IKEA days. Who ever knew that we would clicked! FYI - She's as Bimbo as I am.

I was searching for tops for my siblings and cousins and it was really a tough choice. Where I got them? Geylang Market of course.. Good price with varieties.. Hope you all like them .. BTW the design I chose.. None of the above!! haha

This favor tags came from US about 2 weeks ago. is where I got them. Cheap but quality very good. A lot of varieties too! You might want to check them out coz they do personalization of names and ready in just 2 weeks. This tags to be pasted on my wedding favor, What favor I'm giving? You all will find out on 18 days coz i seriously have not got any confirmation yet! haha!

Next........The making of Our love nest..

I have an aroma therapy corner with several candle holders designs.. For sensualizing the mood.. oohhh.. No lah.. It's just something i love to collect!!

This is the media corner which is done. We have 5 lamps on it!!! LOvee is a fan of lamps.. And he;s still intending to purchase summore!! I really hope we'll have a super big room in the future.. But I simply love the glow.. It's really beautiful when dark..

That the sight of the half done room. Neat and exotic.. But then.....

It's unsightly!!!! The wires still hanging there from that 32 inch TV and the floor is spaceless!!
Oh and that is my maggic mirror wardrobe. Make the room looks spacious isn't it?

Well after all these, I'm still rushing for a lot of stuffs!! I feel like working even it's my off days!! Really hoping the HECTIC period will be over soon!!!

Coming up!! My jalabiya shop will be coming up soon!! When? I'm still looking for a perfect date for it launch..

Btw.. Lovee is so sweet! He bought me this to support my interest of taking pictures.. My favourite Love now!

After all been said, I'm exhausted!!! I need sleep.. Spa time!

P.S: This pics are not that clear as I take them with my Samsung i780 and not Nikon. So pls don't mind the pics clarity..

The Itenerary

It's 34 days to go... to be belong to someone i love..

Well I've been exceptionally busy handling berkats, logistics and those teeny weeney stuffs. I'm a few steps away to done.. Then I could enjoy all the Spa treatment given by Wayan Retreat, all the body massage, body scrub, body polish and more... I've been deferring all my appts with them due to my work schedule..

I have my company dinner and dance today. Held at Swissotel, wow 6-stars right? I hope the door gift is fun. That's also partly the reason why i'm so free to blog.. No calls , no appts, no urgencies. Everyone is smiling away today, hoping to win at least the top 10 lucky draw prize. Some of the girls are already dressed up..

The theme : Heroes & Villians..

I've decided not to dress up this time on which i really thought of becoming the witch but again I was too busy to even get myself a costume. So i'm just a cute babydoll today.. oh.. Nope I'm not dressed up yet. Knocking off at 5pm to do that. I do not want my dress to be all crumpled and all.. hehe..

I'll update the pics when I have the time.. Pls pray that i will have the time.

Oh back to the my topic..

Finally we have the itenarary for the wedding. Here it goes..

2pm: Nuraini's ( the bride ) family has to be there and fully ready at Al-majlis. Final tuning the details at the cafe while waiting for Haidar's ( the groom ) family.

3pm: Everyone particularly invited should be there, so is the Kadhi. And so we go for the solemnization ceremony.
Pic taking up to 5pm

5pm: The newly weds , brides maid & bestman will go up to the parkroyal hotel to change to our dinner outfits.

7pm: All dinner invitation guests should be there ready for the arrival of the newly weds which will be aisled with professional belly dancer , Stefanie and Samra done by Alwi..
All may enjoy the scrumptious food. Free sitting for all otherwise stated..

Night goes on till dawn!!!!!! Dancing to your tunes.. 4 carrom boards provided and sheesha will be available for purchase.

wow! i feel like a wedding planner.. haha..,br>

So that's about it , my 1 day arabic theme wedding event. Short , sweet and memorable for me. The best thing is we manage to get married at the place we first me and fell in love.. Awwww... how sweet..

So i really hope my guests won't get lost, for those who drive, there will be valet parking if you need one.. Cheers everyone. See you there!